Classroom Action Research

Action Research Spiral

An example of action research spiral, used by Bruce Howden at Toowoomba Preparatory School, is given below and detailed in the following link. Bruce used Kemmis and McTaggarts action reserach spiral.
(Kemmis, S & McTaggart, R 1982, The action research planner, 2nd edn, Deakin University, Geelong.)

Armstrong and Moore's Action Research Framework

Armstrong and Moore AR.jpg
The AR cycle used in Gail's doctoral research study

Armstrong, F & Moore, M 2004, 'Action research: developing inclusive practice and transforming cultures', in F Armstrong & M Moore (eds), Action research for inclusive education : changing places, changing practice, changing minds, RoutledgeFalmer, London; New York, pp. 1-16.

A Blank AR Template - build your own action research spiral

AR blank.jpg
A blank template to personalise your AR spiral

Developing a Research Question

What do we do well? What could be improved?
Activity - fold a piece of paper into 3. On the left hand side list those things that you do well and move across the page listing those that could be improved. Use the left to right page direction as a sliding scale.
In our practice, what could/should be improved and why is this important?
Come back to this and let your research question evolve.


Ideally one school semester.
Draw up a semester planner with headings:
Week, Unit of Work, Cycle, AR Focus, Notes

Week 5 and 10 Checklist

Are we on the right track?
What does the data look like?
What aspects of the process need improving?