Gail Casey - March, 2013

Doctoral Study - Submitted in June, 2013. I was conferred on the 9th October, 2013 and I am now Dr Casey!

My doctoral research was supervised by Professor Terry Evans (Principal Supervisor) and Dr Muriel Wells (Associate Supervisor), Deakin University Australia.
About Me:
  • I have a Masters of Language and Literacy Education, a Graduate Diploma in Computing, a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mathematics.
  • I have been an eLearning Leader, curriculum writer and ICT mentor in Victorian schools for fifteen years and have been lecturing, tutoring at Masters and Undergraduate level for 18 months. My extensive experience and enthusiasm for global classroom projects took me to South Korea in 2007 where I spent 12 months teaching ESL through global classroom projects and ICT, in Uijeongbu a specialist science high school.
  • I am, at present, looking at the possibility of taking on a post doctorate - please contact me at
  • My PhD study explores online social and participatory media in the classroom. By redesigning teaching and learning experiences, using action research.The research is a qualitative study investigating emergence, connections and designs for learning. The connections now being made, outside the classroom, with social media and learning, demonstrate that what it means to teach and learn is changing. I am combining Graham Nuthall’s (2007) “lens on learning” to help conceptualise and analyse data while making links to chaos and complexity theories. I am using Armstrong and Moore’s (2004, p. 13) framework of the action research spiral and have completed data collection over an 18 month period; during 2010 and 2011 (three semesters). The data came from my twelve middle years classes which I taught during that time. The research took place in an Australian public high school.

Publications and Conferences

I have published and presented widely in Australian and Internationally. These can be found at

Awards and Funding

Edmedia world conference, 2013, Outstanding Paper Award (the title of the paper: 'From Telling the World to Showing the World in an Era of Social Media')
Deakin Publication Scholarship 2013
NVCER Post-graduate research paper funding 2013 - $5,000
ISTE - First Place, SIGOL Online Learning Award, 2012 - - detailed application:

ISTE - Highly Commended Award for Online Learning, 2011
ISTE - Honorable Mention for Online Learning, 2011
Australian Postgraduate Award, 2010
Golden Key International Honour Society membership
Deakin Postgraduate Scholarship, 2009
ICTEV Research Scholarship, 2008
Learning to Lead effective schools scholarship, 2007

Teaching Experience

I have taught in a great range of schools as listed below and have had extensive experience as an eLearning leader, trainer and mentor in Australia and overseas. I have recently lectured and tutored Masters students and 3rd and 4th year pre-service teachers.
2013 Trimester 2 - 4th Year ECL410 (Literacy - campus chair) and 3rd Year EEO310 (Humanities) pre-service teachers
2013 Trimester 1 - Masters student in ECX703 and EXE734 (online learning subjects)
2012 Deakin University, Australia - thesis/folio/research papers/conference papers, tutor, lecturer, marker
2010-11 Deakin University PhD student/Geelong High School classroom action researcher
2009 K-12 Kardinia International College (PYP, IB), Geelong, Victoria, Australia - IT trainer and mentor.
2008 Geelong High School - Deakin University Masters student/Geelong High School classroom teacher/action researcher
2007 South Korea (Teaching ESL) - Uijeongbu Science High School
2006 Geelong High School - IT Co-ordinator, ICT Trainer
2005 Intel Teach to the Future Principal Senior Trainer for Australia - presenting in both Penang and Boston
2004 Geelong High School - eLearning Leader
2000-2003 Bellarine Secondary College - eLearning Leader
1996-1999 Rainbow Secondary College - 7-10 Student Management Leader/eLearning Leader

Other Learnings

In 2011, I produced a 4 minute video clip, as part of a social science competition, called 'Dance your PhD' -

I have been designing learning experiences specifically using online social media, Web 2.0 and F2F teaching for more than four years, often working with teams of teachers.

My passions include designing student-centred online learning environments and writing curriculum programs that include digital stories, global projects, online social media, Skype and Web 2.0; ensuring students are active and valued participants in the learning process is a priority in my learning design approach.

My interest in "New Literacies" and global education has taken me to South Korea teaching ESL. I am also an experienced teacher in both public and private schools in Australia. Some of my pegadogical approaches were developed in 2005 when I was the Principal Senior Trainer for the Intel Teach to the Future program for Australia.

My present doctoral research is an extention of my Masters (in Language and Literacy) research, in 2008 to 2009. The focus of my Masters was on ' Knowledge Building: Using social media to build critical literacy and creativity'.

More Information

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Thank you for visiting my wiki. Feel free to use and share my work.

Gail Casey

Nuthall, G 2007, The hidden lives of learners, New Zealand Council for Educational Research, Wellington, N.Z.
Armstrong, F & Moore, M 2004, 'Action research: developing inclusive practice and transforming cultures', in F Armstrong & M Moore (eds), Action research for inclusive education : changing places, changing practice, changing minds, RoutledgeFalmer
University of Chicago Press, London ; New York, Chicago pp. 1-16.